How Do I Make My Girlfriend Squirt? Female Ejaculation Tips That Every Man Needs to Know

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Female ejaculation is real! Alert! Alert! Female ejaculation is real!


Yes, that’s right. Forget about thinking that female ejaculation is a myth. Heck, you’ve seen it done in pornography and yes that is all real. Women do have the ability to squirt and that goes for every single woman. Even your girlfriend can squirt and guess what? You can make it happen for her by learning the female ejaculation tips that every man needs to know.


Instead of dreaming about it, why not making it happen? Instead of asking yourself “how do I make my girlfriend squirt”, why not make it a reality? Why not give her the greatest orgasm of her life starting right now? Let’s do it.


The secret behind the female ejaculating orgasm is something that you don’t want to hear. The secret is convincing your woman that she should let go and that she should succumb to the pleasure. Even though every woman has the ability to squirt, only a handful do and those women are the ones who are in touch with their bodies and the ones who are comfortable enough to let go in the bedroom. You need to get your woman in this headspace. You need to get her on the same page with you. You need to get her comfortable enough so you can make her explode in bed. You can make it happen.


Once you are able to do this, then the real fun can begin. A lot of women can gush from clitoral stimulation and this is a good place to start. Try using a vibrator on her and this should get her going. Once she is able to feel how an ejaculating orgasm feels, then you both can take things to the next level.


Typically, the female ejaculating orgasm is brought on by g-spot stimulation and the most accurate way of doing this is with your fingers. Pleasing her with your fingers gives you the most control and gives her the most direct pleasure. Try inserting two fingers inside of her vagina and point them upwards. Curl them slightly so they kind of wrap around her insides. Then, all you have to do is move your whole arm up and down so your fingers move up and down inside of her. The faster you go, the better. You will feel her start to tense up and when she does, it is a good sign. Her body will automatically tighten up, that you find it difficult for your fingers to penetrate her. At that time, you can remove your fingers and start rubbing her clitoris, as a means to help her “push” her orgasm through. In a matter of seconds, get ready for the water show.


You can give your girlfriend a squirting orgasm and the even better news is that you can as early as tonight. Let these secrets guide you and help you to give her the best and wettest orgasm that she has ever had.


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