How to Make a Woman Squirt on Demand – Instant Tips Proven to Make Any Woman Gush

Isn’t it your dream to be able to be the one guy who was able to crack the code on how to make a woman gush? Wouldn’t it be a real treat to be able to give your woman this kind of pleasure on the daily? Do you think she could even handle it? What would she say to her friends? How would you look in their eyes?


It’s time that you stopped dreaming and that you started doing. Female ejaculation is real and the truth is, every woman is capable of it. So the question is, how do you make a woman squirt on demand and make her gush with pleasure?


Making a woman squirt is not rocket science, but by the same token, it does require a certain skill set in order to make it happen. Not to fear, though, because those tips and tricks are going to be revealed to you right now. You are going to learn some instant tips proven to make any woman gush so get ready!


The first tip in making female ejaculation a reality for your girl is to get her on the same page with you. Did you know that the biggest obstacle for any woman to overcome in terms of ejaculating is herself? The reason is because when a woman ejaculates, the sensation right before is very similar to that of feeling like you have to pee. It’s no wonder a lot of women hold back and hold it in. You have to get her on the same page that you are on in terms of you don’t care what happens as long as she tries. You want her to give it her all and you don’t care what the outcome is. Let her know this and hopefully, that will help her to loosen up.


The next tip to make a woman ejaculate on command is all about getting your finger position right. The whole point of the female ejaculating orgasm is all about g-spot stimulation so first and foremost, where is the g-spot? Well, it’s about 1-2 inches inside of her on the vaginal wall, adjacent to her stomach. So picture your girl lying on her back. Insert two fingers inside of her vagina and move them in a “come here” motion. Feel that squishy bit on the inside? That’s the g-spot. This is where you want to focus all of your attention.


The final step in making a woman ejaculate is stimulating the g-spot in the right way. When it comes to making a woman squirt on demand, the faster and harder you can give it to her, the better. The best way to stimulate the g-spot is to keep those two fingers inside of her, but to start moving them up and down rather than in and out. You can get your whole arm involved as well for easier direction. Move those fingers up and down inside of her, starting off slow and then gradually speeding up. When you feel her start to tighten and your fingers start to push out of her body naturally, get ready to watch the water works unfold!

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