How to Make Her Have Female Ejaculation – Learn the Best Way to Make a Woman Squirt Now

Yes, female ejaculation is real and yes, you can make it happen for your girl. Even though every woman is capable of it, why is it so hard for women to do? The answer is because right before a woman is about to ejaculate, she gets the same sensation as when she is about to pee, so naturally, she holds it in to save herself from the embarrassment. It only makes sense.


So, how do you help her get over her fear? A lot of talking and a lot of reassuring for sure. However, the best way to perhaps make her get over her fear of ejaculation is to make it happen for her and that is what you are going to learn today.


You are going to learn the best way to make a woman squirt now. If it has always been a dream of yours to give a woman this kind of pleasure, you can take comfort in knowing that it is about to happen. You can make her have female ejaculation and you can make it happen now.


The best way to get a woman to squirt is to build pressure in her body. Think of her as a fire hydrant. You first, get the hydrant turned on and then, once you are ready, you press the button and boom – you are soaked. You can build the pressure in her body with foreplay. Tease her and get close to her hot spot but never touch it until she is begging for it. Then, go to town.


The best way to make her have female ejaculation is through a g-spot orgasm. This is the most powerful and easily, most explosive orgasm a woman can have. Insert 1-2 fingers inside of her, once she is incredibly aroused of course, and use more lube. The wetter, the better. Once inside, move your fingers up and down inside of her rather than and in and out. This is the motion that causes ejaculation. Since a woman can handle a bit more when it comes to g-spot stimulation, feel free to be a little rougher with her. She can take it. Also, speed is key. The faster you can go all the while maintaining that same pressure, the better. She will have no choice but to explode everywhere.


If you are still having difficulties, aim for the clitoris instead. It is easier for women to have a clitoral orgasm and in some cases, women do squirt from this type of stimulation. To ensure that you give her the stimulation she needs, use a vibrator toy. This will be gentle enough to make her feel good and also give her a speed of stimulation that you, unfortunately, can’t do for her. Hold it on the clitoris, in one spot and watch her go. If she doesn’t squirt, then you can try g-spot stimulation since after one orgasm, she will be able to orgasm faster and harder.


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