What Are Some Ways I Can Make a Girl Squirt? The Best Techniques to Make Her Gush Everywhere

You’ve seen it done in the adult movies, you’ve read about it online but now you are ready to make it happen on your own. You desperately want to make your woman have a squirting orgasm and you want to make it happen now. You have heard about stories from women who say that they have never felt pleasure like that in their entire lives and you are dying to make this happen for your girl.


So, what are some ways you can make a girl squirt? Well, you need to learn the best techniques to make her gush everywhere so you can make her feel pleasure like she has never felt before. You can become the best she has ever had or ever will have again in just a short amount of time by using these techniques.


The first tip that you need to know, that is not a technique, is that women have a lot of hesitations and reservations when it comes to squirting and the main reason is because they don’t want to get embarrassed. Right before a woman squirts, the sensation she feels in her body is very similar to that of urinating, so to save herself from the embarrassment, she holds it in. You need to help her get over this if you want to make her squirt.


As for technique, the best way to make her squirt is to build up anticipation in her body. You want to barely touch her and to make her explode like a volcano. Use a lot of foreplay on her to get her in the mood. Really make her want it and get her to the point where she is practically begging for you. This will help.


When it comes down to touching her, there are a variety of techniques that you can use. First of all, you want to give her clitoris some stimulation because this will help you to better locate the g-spot later on. Finger her clitoris by rubbing it gently and fast. The faster you can go while still being gentle on her, the better. She should orgasm in a matter of minutes from this. Just don’t go full force the whole way. Give her intervals of stimulation she can work with. It will be best suited for her.


Once she is ready and raring to go, you can insert 2 fingers inside of her vagina and stimulate the g-spot. The best technique to make her gush, is to move your fingers up and down rather than in and out. Up and down creates more pressure in her body and the more pressure you create, the better. She will feel it building and she will have no choice but to let it go.


On a side note, make sure that you use a lot of lube. You want to make things very wet for her because you don’t want to create any additional friction that might translate to pain for her.


If you want to get your girl going in a big way, try using these female ejaculation techniques on her now.

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